Phoenix Houses of NY/LI Celebrates 55 Years of Service

Since 1967, Phoenix Houses of NY/LI have been on the front lines of service to the marginalized communities of Addiction and Recovery. Celebrate with us as we recognize the passions that founded our leading-edge programs, and those that continue to inspire our workforce today. In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has brought with it an unprecedented rise in the rates of substance use, mental health dis-ease, and historic rates of Overdose death, Phoenix Houses of NY/LI continuously served the most vulnerable. We did not shrink from the challenges brough by the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on our minoritized communities, WE SHOWED UP! Now we need your support in showing up for us. Those who are affected by substance use disorder deserve the dignity of dollars related to the Opioid Settlement Fund. Urge your elected representatives to allocate those funds to prevention, treatment, recovery and harm reduction programs so we can build on the investment Phoenix Houses of NY/LI continues to make after 55 years. Funding that provides for an adequate investment in those who care for our patients will help Phoenix House honor our 3 goals: 1 – Keep each other safe, 2 – Keep our Patients Save, 3 – Making sure that we are still standing to serve. By joining our community as a supporter, an employee, or as a patient – Phoenix Houses of NY/LI will help you to EXPERIENCE YOUR STRENGTH!